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Ongoing Activities

The D.C. Baha'i community has many opportunities to connect, from devotional gatherings to firesides to community celebrations. Everyone is welcome to participate. Write us or give us a call if you should have any questions. 

Sunday Morning Program

The Sunday morning program offers a warm and welcoming environment for people to learn more about the Baha’i Faith and to experience the power of prayer and devotions. (The program is temporarily on a hiatus, check back for more details soon.)

Study Circles 

Study circles provide participants with the knowledge, spiritual insights and skills to contribute to the betterment of society. Study circles are held in an uplifting environment conducive to the spiritual empowerment of individuals, who come to see themselves as active agents of their own learning. The role of the study circle facilitator is not to impart knowledge, but to assist discussion. Study circles feature participatory learning, involving discussion with others, and the use of the arts.

Devotional Gatherings

The heart of a devotional meeting is the sharing of prayers and passages from Holy Scriptures, but beyond this there is no set form. Devotional meetings are a chance for us to learn how to create an uplifting, spiritual atmosphere. This often involves music and the arts. The key is to help clear our minds from the anxieties of our daily lives and to meditate on our higher purpose.You are welcome to join a devotional meetings near you, and to simply sit, meditate and enjoy the atmosphere, or to play a more active role in hosting or organizing one.

Volunteer Groups

Interested in joining us while we volunteer? Sounds good! We have several opportunities going on at any one time. Write us to get involved!

Children's Classes 

Children's Classes help the children to be caring, supportive and helpful contributers to humanity. Children's Classes are open to all.  

Junior Youth Groups

Junior Youth Empowerment classes are offered to middle school students ages (11 -14). These classes help the junior youth/pre-teen to navigate through a crucial stage in their lives making decisions that help them grow and expand their talents as well as make good decisions on their own and learn to be of service to the community.

Ruhi Institute

The Baha’i Ruhi Institute develops programs and materials that enhance the capacity of individuals and communities to serve humanity. Currently the Institute has released 7 books for diverse age groups, from the age of 5 and 6 to adulthoods. Topics include spiritual and moral empowerment, acts of service, and community building. Click below to read more about the courses available. 

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